Our Awards

In Australia Bark Busters has consistently been an award winner

Our Franchise Ranking Achievements

The following list demonstrates the growth, increasing development and acceptance Bark Busters has achieved in the period from 2003 to 2007 as recognised by the internationally respected Entrepreneur magazine.

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Videos and Television

The videos below are great visual testimony to the success of the Bark Busters training techniques and also the marketing potential of the Bark Busters product. The media just love an animal story and Bark Busters is the animal success story of the century. What other franchise can obtain so much free publicity and media exposure?

Only the number one Pet Service Franchise in the world Bark Busters.

If you think seeing is believing take your time and go through these videos, you will have to be convinced that Bark Busters is a brilliant business opportunity, a great product and a lifestyle like no other.

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Radio Broadcasts

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Print Media Articles

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