Trainers Teach Dog Owners to be the Leader of the Pack

Houston Community Newspapers
December 09, 2004
Written By: Valarie Torres

After getting caught in a round of layoffs from Shell in Houston after working for the company for 27 years, Bob Williams' life went to the dogs. In January of this year Williams, along with many others, lost his job in the environmental management department of Shell in Houston. Soon after, however, Williams found another calling in the dog training business.

Williams found Bark Busters after looking at several different types of franchises. Bark Busters was the perfect choice for Williams because he could help people and didn't have to manage other employees. His life has since changed in many ways as he helps people learn how to communicate with their dogs. Williams even got his wife, Jeanne, to help out with the business.

Bark Busters is a business that teaches dog owners to train their misbehaving dogs based on the pack animal mentality. Domestic dogs are descendants of wild dogs and wolves who live in packs with rigid rules of hierarchy and dominance. Bark Busters teaches owners about communicating and being a leader to their pets based on "pack" rules.

Although domesticated dogs don't roam the wild prairie or forest, dogs still have wild instincts that can cause problems if the owner doesn't understand them.

According to Williams, what makes Bark Busters different than any other dog training business or service is that Bark Busters comes with a written guarantee that after the training sessions, dog owners should never have any more behavioral problems.

Williams said with the skills the behavioral therapists and trainers teach, the pet owners should forever be able to have more than an obedient dog, but a true companion.

Williams and his wife both became behavioral therapists and trainers for dogs early this year through a Bark Busters training in Denver, Colo. Since then their business has been flourishing.

The [contact your local Bark Busters trainer for pricing in your area] sessions include teaching the owner how to handle the dog using the heel to toe rule, which means the dog doesn't walk the owner; the owner walks the dog, then they teach the owner how to become the dominant leader of the pack using non-harsh methods. The Williams go to the customer's home for the single training session.

They also don't charge for their services unless they see results.

Jeanne Williams said she's even come to enjoy dogs she had never previously thought she liked.

The Williamses deal with a lot of different kinds of behavior issues in dogs.

The Williamses show a genuine enjoyment of the work they do. Bob Williams said what he likes best about his job is making people happy with their pets.

The Williamses can be reached at (877) 280-7100 or you can go the Web site at and they are willing to travel to the customer's home.

Reprinted with permission from the Houston Community Newspapers 04-25-05

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