Leader of the PackWow, what an honour to be named Master Franchisee of the year.

We joined Bark Busters in October 1999 and from the word go we just loved the new direction and exciting path our lives had taken. We had found a passion we did not even know existed within us.
When Sylvia and Danny gave us the opportunity to realise a dream we both had, that was to actually own the Master Franchise of Australia, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

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Graham Smith - Leader of The Pack-Canada 2007-2008

Graham Smith has just recently joined the Canadian Bark Busters team, but, in only a short time, he has set a new standard of excellence in customer service. The story below typifies Graham’s commitment to his clients and his passion for Bark Busters.

Leader of the PackA woman named Lynne Dionne had an Australian cattle dog with significant behaviour problems. Most problematic was it’s aggressiveness to strangers. Lynne was in her 60’s and lived alone. She decided this dog was too much for her to handle so she found the dog a more suitable home. The new owners also found the dog’s behaviour unmanageable and, after trying for a while, they told Lynne they could not keep the dog and were going to put it down. Lynne took the dog in once again, sparing its life. However, the original behaviour problems persisted, and, after three months of living with the problem, Lynne decided she needed to do something.

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Kelly McClelland - Leader of The Pack - Australia 2007-2008

Leader of the PackKelly McClelland only joined the Bark Busters Australia team in February 2007, but in a very short time, she has set a new standard of excellence in saving dog’s lives, customer service, marketing and relationship building.

Kelly has the smallest territory in Sydney which is a part time area and is basically half of the area that other Franchisees work.

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Sharon - Leader of The Pack - Isreal 2007-2008

Leader of the Pack The story about a Lady, Her Dog and a Red Car.

Liora was the proud owner of an 8 years old cross collie and German shepherd female named -Luka.

Sharon met Liora after she called Bark Busters asking if there is a way to teach her dog Luka how to stay at home relaxed while she was away at work. Luka hated being left alone and would break out of the house and even out of the garden each time Liora was gone. In addition, if Luka couldn't find a way out of the house she would severely damage the house while alone.

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Yumi Nozawa - Leader of The Pack - Japan 2007-2008

Leader of the PackIt has been nearly two years since Yumi Nozawa started Bark Busters.

From the moment she started she enjoyed her lessons with a passion. Sometimes when she visits a difficult client she gets a little down but due to her bright personality she soon returns to her enthusiastic self.

The source of her energy comes from the clients and dogs she visits.

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Liz Nishimura and Yves Legare - Leader of The Pack - France 2007-2008

Leader of the PackLiz Nishimura and Yves Legare are definitely worthy of the ‘Leader of the Pack Award’ after only been with Bark Busters Canada for three years they willingly accepted the challenge to take Bark Busters to France and immediately began taking steps to make that happen.

One of Liz Nishimura’s memorable lessons was with a 1½ year old Akbash (the Turkish relative of the Great Pyrenees) named Clyde. Clyde was born in the pasture far away from human influence, with most of the time only the flock for company. He was several days old before he first set eyes on people.

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Lisez plus dessus Le chien qui était farouche

Kathy Plourde – Denver South, Colorado, USA

Leader of the PackGrand Master Trainer Kathy Plourde joined Bark Busters USA in 2001 and quickly became an exceptional trainer and performer. She is the type of person who loves what she does, and it shows in every aspect of her business. Kathy has been an active member of the Franchise Advisory Council and has spearheaded multiple marketing and relationship-building programs with Home Office.

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