Bark Busters are presently established in 8 countries around the world with France (incorporating Belgium) coming online in late 2007. Our aim is to establish Bark Busters Germany in 2009. Bark Busters has been well accepted in every market it has entered and our achievements in the franchise pet industry have been well recognised and speak for themselves. (see Awards and Achievements)

Below is a list of the countries in which we are presently operating, each has a brief introduction to our Bark Busters Master Franchisees who oversee each country. There is a link attached to each text box for you to access some further information.

AUSTRALIA      Master Franchisee - Val and Bryan Edwards

Val and Bryan Edwards are the Master Franchise owners of Bark Busters Australia. They are two of Bark Busters' most experienced trainers and have won numerous awards for their work. Both have attained the title of Grand Master Trainer and between them they have rehabilitated thousands of dogs. They personally train and support all Australian therapists. They are the classic case of always looking for new challenges and are now saying to people, "we loved the Company so much we bought it". Val and Bryan bought the Australian Master Franchise in January 2006 which has now allowed Sylvia and Danny to concentrate on expanding Bark Busters to the rest of the world.



CANADA      Master Franchisee Jeff & Barb Cooke

Jeff and Barb Cooke are the head trainers of Bark Busters Canada. Jeff is originally from Toronto and Barb from Kalamazoo, Michigan. After they were married they moved to Australia and fell in love with Bark Busters. It began with their little Australian Terrier who had a problem with incessant barking at the neighbour, so Who ya gonna call? - Bark Busters. Barb and Jeff were so impressed with the training and service, they decided this was an organization they needed to be a part of. They trained in Australia under Sylvia and Danny Wilson, the founders of Bark Busters and ran a successful franchise in Northern Sydney for many years.



UNITED KINGDOM      Master Franchisee Marcus Woodward

Marcus Woodward is the Director and Master Franchisee of Bark Busters UK. He has been involved with dogs since an early age. From the age of ten he took dog training classes with his parents and has been hooked ever since. Prior to Bark Busters Marcus specialised in IT and communications but became disillusioned with corporate life. Marcus joined Bark Busters shortly after the UK operation was established in 1999.



ISRAEL      Master Franchisee Sharon Levy

"Sharon Levy is the Bark Busters Therapist in Israel. She was brought up as a child around dogs and has had dogs all of her life. Sharon is a business administration graduate and when she decided to use her skills and background and build her own business she looked for a dog related business. Bark Busters was the perfect choice! Today she spends her days around dogs and their owners and she helps improve the lives of hundreds of families by teaching them the bark buster's teachings."Being a bark buster's therapist I am qualified to help people understand their dogs. Once you build the right relationship between the owner and his dog there is no ending to what they can achieve together.



JAPAN      Master Franchisee Chie Kawazoe & Nick Christ

We had decided to move to Japan to give our two year old daughter some experience living there. The next decision to make was, "what kind of work would we do in Japan?" We had both worked for large multinational companies for many years. We knew if we continued to work for similar companies in Japan, we wouldn't have much time together as a family. We thought to ourselves, "if we had a choice, what kind of work would we like to do?" We wanted to work for ourselves, doing something that we loved which was being with dogs. The obvious choice then was Bark Busters. We had called on Bark Busters four years earlier to help us gain control of our new puppy.



TAIWAN      Master Franchisee Kevin and Casper Sung

We've always grown up having dogs around us at home. We found Bark Busters in the yellow pages when we were in Sydney and that's when we had a cattle dog and a British Staffordshire Terrier destroying our rental property. We were Bark Busters' clients in Sydney about 8 years ago. We were suprised at how fast BB trained our dogs and solved our dogs behaviour problems using their unique method. We thought of bringing Bark Busters to Taiwan because Bark Busters has a unique way of training dogs and most of all provide great customer satisfaction.



NEW ZEALAND      Master Franchisee Mike and Maria Blatch

Our dog was eating our house, the deck, the French doors, 3 lounge suites, you name it, it was all chewed & we were beside ourselves. We thought we had no other choice but to put her down, so we booked her in at the vets. At the eleventh hour a trainer from Bark Busters saved our dog's life & gave us back a more enjoyable happier pet. She was never going to be perfect but she was more manageable & we had the control & our life back.



FRANCE & BELGIUM      Master Franchisee Liz Nishimura & Yves Legare

Before Bark Busters, Yves worked in Information Technology for a national printing company in Canada. With his computer knowledge, business management training and accounting skills he knew there was something out there more suited to his talents. Working for someone else was not it. He wanted to run his own business and with Liz working alongside him he knew they would make a successful team. Along came Bark Busters in the form of a TV story. Liz only caught the tail end of the show and saw how Bark Busters training transformed the love/hate relationship between a dog and his owner to mutual love/respect. Ever since childhood she had wanted to learn how to create this relationship between dog and owner.



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